What is mydrive connect and

MyDrive Connect is a desktop application and software that assists you in updating your maps, software updates of all tomtom navigation devices. This free support application will assist you in managing the content and services on the tomtom sat nav device. Now, you can download it on your Mac or Windows computer from URL

Also, It will help you to register as well as sync your new tomtom navigation devices.
Tomtom is a company that produces gadgets/devices that uses the global positioning system for navigational assistance. These devices include hand-held GPS devices and Automotive devices and are available on the tomtom official website.

My tomtom app is primarily used to update your software, firmware, maps, golf course updates (with tomtom golfer devices), but the best way to update your tomtom device is by using wifi connection

Moreover, This software will store information to notify you of the latest updates.
Visit, and download the mydrive connect app, and follow on-screen instructions. Please read our full article and check out the installation guide with photos.

What are map and software updates?

Mydrive connect – This free support software program is used to update navigation maps and device software by downloading and installing the newest versions on the device for better navigation, accessibility, and driving experience.

These latest tomtom updates via the mydrive connect app will renew all data files on your Navigator. Tomtom may release software updates and fixes every week on or Both websites will take you to the official homepage of tomtom updates.

Also, Your Navigation device systems will help decrease fuel expenditure and reduce vehicle wear and tear. Visiting the mentioned URL should bring you all the best tomtom features every week.

Map Updates: Since Map updates can bring the latest changes to all of the locations on the map in the navigation devices. The map data files can be significant because they contain high-resolution imagery and information of all the places. So, this may take longer to install, and that’s why we urge you to use high-speed internet when installing the mydrive connect app.

You can update your navigation device maps to increase efficiency on your way to success. Voice commands are an excellent help. This can bring sheer driving pleasure on the roads without looking at your navigation device. Use Navcore updates for better use of changes on the maps in the installation wizard.

Software Updates: Software updates will make changes to the operating system of your tomtom navigator. When an outdated tomtom device receives an update, it quickly rewrites new data with the help of tomtom’s mydrive connect software and application. Please visit the mentioned URLs above for all tomtom software updates.

All the latest updates downloaded from will remove existing errors that were there before. Many people were seeing the “MyDoom A Worm Code Execution” issue. The new software will assist you with your existing issues like this one too.


App is now available for All major os. URL screenshot
get assistance from the UK experts

MyDrive Connect operating System Requirements

Your PC or mac configuration should meet the following requirements to run the MyDrive Connect application smoothly and efficiently to update and manage your navigation device.
You can use Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Except Windows RT. You can also use windows vista or windows XP at the expense of performance. Mydrive connect app may not work correctly with these windows because they are outdated.
You can use the tomtom apps with all macs OS such as macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, macOS 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11, El Capitan, OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Now, you can use the MyDrive app on your Apple smartphone, go to the app store and download it. Please note that you will need to use iOS 8.0 or higher to use the latest my drive app from the app store.
Your Android smartphone must have Android™ 3.0* or higher to download the latest mydrive app from the play store.

How do I download mydrive connect software application to get started?

First, you will have to start the mydrive connect app download on your Windows 10 or Mac by visiting and selecting the correct download option for your operating system.
Note: This application will not support Chromebook, Linux.

Things to check Before initiating the download

  • Ensure if you have an excellent internet connection. A slow network may halt the download process.
  • Make sure your internal or hard disk has enough space for the installation wizard to run.
  • Always Check system requirements and compatible devices lists from the content above.
  • Make sure your antivirus service is active to prevent infections and threats from the internet.
  • Confirm if the site/source is providing the latest version of the software.
  • Verify administrator privileges on your computer’s settings

Download instructions for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

  • First of all, On your windows based computer, open your favorite/current internet browser.
  • Now, type in the web address bar and press enter.
  • Then you have to wait for the webpage to appear/load on the screen.
  • On the official site of tomtom help, navigate to the download for the windows button.
  • Now, Press the download button to continue.
  • On google chrome, The file download progress will appear on the left-hand side bottom corner.
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft edge often ask what to do with this file type.
  • There will be options like open, save, save as, run, cancel. You can select these options to your preference.
  • Then, click on the save icon to put the MyDrive Connect.exe file into the default download location, i.e., c:\downloads). Otherwise, click run to start the installation right away.
  • Now, you have successfully downloaded the setup file. map updates

Download MyDrive Connect for Mac OS

First, click on the Safari browser to open it. (if you prefer chrome or Mozilla on mac, instructions will be the same.

Now, Start typing in “” in the web address bar on the top.

Then, Locate the download link or an icon to begin downloading the app.

A dmg file “MyDriveConnect.dmg” will appear after a few seconds.

You can hit the Show Downloads button on the top-right corner of the browser window.

At last, Your setup file is on the computer now.

How to Install App

Here we will explain the installation procedure for the MyDrive Connect software on an operating system such as windows and mac. Please check the software requirements before starting the process.
Steps to Install MyDrive Connect on windows device.

  • First, you have to Browse the setup (installation file) from the downloads folder.
  • Now, Press the buttons (ctrl + j) simultaneously to locate the downloaded item.
  • Now, please Double click on the InstallTomTomMyDriveConnect.exe file to run it.
  • Then, click on the install button.
  • Click on License agreement or terms and conditions to read them.
  • After reviewing the license agreement or terms and conditions, then click the checkbox to confirm or I agree to install.
  • Further, you can change the location of the install by clicking (options)
  • A windows User Account Control popup will appear, asking if you want to make changes to your device. Select yes,
  • At last, After the successful installation, Please confirm the settings in the popup box
  • Then, click ok, and now you are ready to connect your navigation system to access tomtom updates using the mydrive connect app.

Steps to Install MyDrive Connect on mac device

  • First, find the setup file (MyDriveConnect.dmg) from your browser’s download folder.
  • Then, On chrome or safari, press and hold Cmd+J on your keyboard.
  • You can click the download icon in the upper right corner to select the desired file on Safari and Mozilla firefox.
  • Find and open MyDriveConnect.dmg
  • In this new window, double click on the Install MyDriveConnect.dmg.
  • The package file will ask you to select a continue so that you can read the license agreement.
  • Press the continue button after reading, then click agree, and then install
  • A prompt on mac will appear for the admin username and password.
  • Provide correct information and click install the software.
  • At last, my drive connect installation is successful. Please click close.
    If you are still struggling to download the tomtom app, please check out the pictures below and follow the step-by-step guide.
download tomtom map updates

How to create a TomTom account via

You can use the Tomtom account to manage, download the content and use Tomtom services. First-time users must have an account.

Creating an account is accessible by using your computer in one of the mentioned ways:

• First, The very first time on your Navigation device, select the MyDrive button.
•Secondly, Please select the Create account button options on official tomtom website
• Also, you can choose the green MyTomTom button at
• Then, You can link up to 10 devices in one Tomtom account.

Once the app is installed, launch Mydrive Connect and create your account or log in.
Follow the mentioned steps

  • Visit the
  • Now, enter your details and personal email address.
  • Select “Choose a password” and REPEAT PASSWORD.
  • Then, enter your gender preference like male or female.

Congrats, your tomtom device is registered successfully on the tomtom uk website.

How to set up your mydrive connect with your navigation device?

After you have successfully downloaded and installed the mydrive connect application from It’s time to secure your navigation device with a computer to get started with a setup assistant to use the tomtom services.

  1. Open a web browser and visit
  2. Now, click on the get started button.
  3. Then, click on the mydrive connect download button.
  4. Now, you will see some prompts on the screen to begin the connection.
  5. After you see a prompt, connect your tomtom navigation device with your computer via a USB cable that came with your device in the box.
  6. Now, make sure your cable is connected correctly on the satnav and computer.
  7. Then, either create an account for first-time users or directly log in.
  8. Make sure you have selected the correct country; for example, if you are in the Uk, you must choose the united kingdom to avoid future issues.
  9. Congrats, your device is a device linked to your tomtom account.

How to install tomtom maps, services, and software updates from

Getting the latest updates for your satnav is as important as filling the gas tank. You may ask why and the answer is simple. You have to ensure that the maps on your tomtom navigation device are up to date and Roads and their traffic information is always correct to avoid hazards.

Always make sure that you have the latest regional maps, software, services such as speed cameras. In this article, we will discuss how to install map updates and software and update them via computer or a wifi device.

How to get tomtom software and map updates using wifi.

Software updates

  1. On your go, go into the settings and click on updates and new items.
  2. Now, you will see some options to choose from, choose the needed items on this page.
  3. On your GO, sign in to your tomtom Uk account and follow the steps mentioned.
  4. At last, make sure your device has enough power supply to complete the updates.

Install Map region

  1. First of all, make sure that you have a working wifi connection. Otherwise, the tomtom server will not be active.
  2. Now, go to the MAIN MENU and touch settings, and then select MAP AND DISPLAY.
  3. Then, touch downloaded items and tap ADD, and you are done.

Map region updates

  1. Go to the settings, and touch map and display.
  2. You will see Updates available if there are new updates.
  3. Now, option Map and display will change to updates available from the usual up to date.
  4. Then, select the updates you will need.
  5. Choose the countries you want the updates for. UK users must select the United kingdom.

How to get map and software updates using a computer and mydrive connect. is the URL to download and install the mydrive connect app as it lets you update and install all the new maps on the navigation unit by following some set of instructions on your computer.

Connect your device with the mydrive connect application.

  1. Hook up your navigation device with your computer by a cable.
  2. On your computer, open the mydrive connect app
  3. Now, log in to your tomtom account if prompted.
  4. Then, you must wait for the device to be turned on.
  5. Now, the mydrive Connect app will check for any available updates with the tomtom server.
  6. You can select “My content” or “View updates” in the menu bar and get started to manage your content.
  7. After you click these options, you can see the list of updates.
  8. Now, select the software update named in the list as Navcore update or nav4.
  9. If the navcore update is already check-marked, you can continue with maps and services.
  10. After that, just hit UPDATE SELECTED and install it. You can check and uncheck your updates options.

By following these steps, you are ready to go. Your mydrive connect app will let you know about the successful updation. Please be aware that updates are first downloaded on the pc, and they get transferred onto your tomtom navigation device so that you can use them afterward.

Hence, it becomes vital that you not disconnect your Navigator and computer until you see “your device has been successfully updated.

How to manage your content?

Managing your tomtom account has never been this easy. You can add, delete, or change your current maps in my content tab with a simple USB connection.

Under My maps, you can check what kind of maps are installed on your tomtom navigator and what else is available. You can always check the maps by clicking on the image for more.

You must be wondering that even after downloading the app from, why there are some advanced options, but do not fret because here we will tell you the things which advanced settings can do, from changing the maps to installing the maps.

Change your maps
Sometimes you would like to have the coverage for a particular country or region; this allows the small and large versions to be installed.

Uninstall maps
If you have many maps on your navigation device, you can free up some space by uninstalling them; delete the selected map if you have more than five maps. Make sure you have one map in the device to keep it working

Install maps
Under My maps, you can add a new map for your navigation device. If you have purchased any other map, you can install them or change them.

Troubleshooting tomtom updates